Is Your Sick Baby Struggling to Breathe and Sleep?

Snot Gone in 10 Seconds So Your Baby Can Breathe Easier....

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Snotty Boss

Nasal Aspirator Kit

Babies get 2-12 colds each year, as their immune system is still developing. Colds produce blocked and runny noses that keep your baby from sleeping.

Babies can't sniff or blow their nose, but parents can clear their nose quickly and safely with a motorised aspirator.

Developed in Australia in 2020, and now available worldwide.

Tested and approved medical device

Clears your baby's nose in 10 seconds

Environmentally friendly, washable, and reusable


Now USD$79.95

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Why Is Snotty Boss the Best Solution?

Babies and children prefer to breathe through their nose.

If nostrils are blocked by thick or runny snot, it can be dangerous and uncomfortable.

Babies and young children can't sniff or blow their own nose, so they'll struggle to breathe. This affects their ability to feed and sleep.

A motorised nasal aspirator removes snot quickly, safely and effectively.

Save time and money on doctor visits, chemists and medicines by removing congestion quickly in your own home, at any hour of the day or night.

Minimize the risk of secondary ear, adenoid and respiratory infection, by removing snot at the source.

Remove the stress and sleepless nights associated with colds, viruses, congestion, and sniffles.

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Why Does Every Family Need A Snotty Boss?

CHILDREN CAN'T BLOW THEIR NOSE, so we must help them.

REMOVE SNOT from your child's nose gently and safely in 10 seconds.

BATTERY POWERED SUCTION to breathe, feed, and sleep better.

SAFER AND MORE EFFECTIVE than cheap manual aspirators

SAFE FOR ALL AGES - newborns, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers - until they can blow their own nose.

DRUG-FREE SOLUTION for treatment of colds, flu, sinus, allergies, teething, and virus-related congestion

TESTED AND REGISTERED WITH EUROPEAN AND AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT BODY European Notified Body for Medical Devices: Class 93/42/EEC and TGA Australian Registration (ARTG 320144).

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Snotty Boss has gone viral on social media...

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Parents are throwing away their cheap bulb aspirators and enjoying the safety & convenience of Snotty Boss!

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Here's what Snotty Boss fans are saying..

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Put Your Trust In Australia's

No.1 Aspirator

Designed by an Australian Teacher and Medical Team

Tested and Registered by European and Australian Government Bodies

Australian Owned and Operated since 2013 and audited annually by TGA Health Australia

Beware of Cheap or Manual Aspirators

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Rely on weak, manual suction

1-2 second suction capacity which is unable to clear the nose fully

Push snot back into the throat and cause choking

Risk of cross contamination to parent

Unable to clean and sterilise internally, breeding mould and bacteria

Cheap, noisy inferior motor, with unwashable cog that will become stuck over time

Manufactured with toxic and brittle plastics and rubber

Not tested or registered as a medical device by strict Government authority

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Now USD$79.95

Founder and Director Laura Klein gives the ultimate demonstration

What's Included?

The complete snot solution kit

The quietest motorised aspirator with the ideal suction (58-65kph) - not too weak, not too strong

FREE carry bag, hygienic lid and refillable saline spray bottle

4 soft, silicone nozzles included (newborn, standard, wide, long)

Exclusive online user guide, with videos and trouble shooting, plus private Facebook group

Assistance to a great cause! $1 from each order goes to our charity @humptydumptyfoundation

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We love to support community projects. $1 from your order helps us partner with Humpty Dumpty Foundation

"Help, I'm scared to use it!"

OK, Let's Discuss the Common Fears From Parents:

1. Will My Child Hate It?

2. Is it Safe?

We understand that having anything up their nose is not a child's favourite thing!

But the medical benefits of removing snot at the source far outweighs a moment of fuss and wriggle.

Snotty Boss is the QUIETEST and STRONGEST battery aspirator on the market, so the job is done in seconds.

Many parents tell us that they have tried the squeezy rubber bulb aspirator in the past, and it has been a disaster.

Just hold your child in a calm, comfortable cradle position with head slightly raised and still, fully insert the nozzle to seal the nostril and suction for 10 seconds. All done.

Rinse and repeat multiple times each day, as needed.

Keep calm, and show your child there is nothing to be scared about.

Snotty Boss is tested, approved and registered as a safe medical device.

Snotty Boss is the ultimate baby snot sucker and your baby or toddler will breathe, feed and sleep so much better once the snot is gone.

That means a better night sleep for parents too.

Most families use a Snotty Boss for 3-5 years, until their child can blow their own nose, which is very cost effective.



Love it or Return it

If Snotty Boss is not an easy, effective, safe way to clear your child's nose, simply post it back for a full refund.

After selling 135,000 Snotty Boss to Australian families, we are confident you will become our next raving fan.

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Product ships from Australia. Price does not include local fees and taxes

You have questions,

We have answers!

What is a Nasal Aspirator?

A nasal aspirator is a device that helps draw snot or mucus from the nose. There are different styles on the market.

Cheap, rubber squeezy bulbs have 1 second of manual suction when the bulb is released. They are weak and cannot remove much snot.

Some aspirators have a tube that links to a parent's mouth, so they create the suction with a deep breath. The suction only lasts for a few seconds, and they are hard to control and position.

Snotty Boss a handheld, battery powered snot vacuum.Our device uses constant, steady suction to extract the mucus allowing the baby to be able to breathe easily. A battery powered suction is the easiest, strongest and safest way to clear nostrils, to help children breathe, feed and sleep better.

Babies and children prefer to breathe through their nose. If there is nasal congestion, it makes breathing, feeding and sleeping difficult. This is where a nasal aspirator comes in handy.

How Do I Use a Nasal Aspirator?

Position your child on your lap, slightly reclined. Try to control little arms and heads, as it is a natural reflect to turn away.

Fill the enclosed spray bottle with saline (or breastmilk) and spray a few squirts up each nostril. This is an essential first step, before using the aspirator. The saline or breastmilk will cleanse, hydrate and flush the nasal passage, and will make suction an easier process. It’s nearly impossible to aspirate effectively if the mucus is dry and crusty.

After dispensing saline, press the power button and insert the safe silicon tip in a gentle manner into your child's nostril. You will hear the sound of snot being collected by the nasal aspirator. Repeat the process on each nostril and ensure no more snot is collected indicating that the nostril passage is clear.

The nasal lining is quite delicate, so be gentle as you insert the tip of the nasal aspirator in your child’s nostrils.

How Do I Clean the Aspirator?

It's easy. The unit is waterproof.

Twist off and open the plastic collection cup and nozzle and rinse under hot water. The motor can also be flushed internally in case any snot leaks through.

Don’t attempt to boil or place the parts of the nasal aspirator in a steriliser.

All parts of the Snotty Boss are washable and accessible. Unlike manual rubber bulb aspirator, where the inside of the bulb cannot be accessed or wiped.

Can I Use a Nasal Aspirator on a Newborn?

Yes. A small newborn silicon nozzle comes as part of the kit, so it fits the tiniest nostril, even premature babies. They work safely to suction mucus from their nostrils, ensuring that your newborn can breathe comfortably.

The kit comes with 3 nozzles, for all sized nostrils.

Is the Nasal Aspirator Safe for Babies?

Yes, a nasal aspirator is safe for your little ones, even premature babies. It’s designed to safely remove or suck mucus or snot from the nostrils. A suction period of up to 10 seconds per nostril is usually sufficient.

Snotty Boss is tested, approved and regulated in Europe and Australia, to ensure full medical compliance as a safe device for home use.

If a nasal capillary is irritated, please stop aspirating immediately, to allow the nose to heal for 12-36 hours.

What's Included in the Kit?

You will receive EVERYTHING you need to clear your child's nose.

- Battery powered aspirator
- 3 sized silicon nozzles
- Refillable spray bottle (for saline or breastmilk)
- Handy carry bag
- Online video guide and FAQ

How Can I Contact You?

We've been based in Brisbane, Australia since 2013.

Email us [email protected]

Or call +61 403 818440

Is Your Company on Social Media?

We sure are!

Find us at @snottynosesaustralia
Join 42K fans on Instagram and 43K fans on Facebook and 5K fans on Tik Tok

Does It Have a Warranty?

Yes, full 12 month factory warranty.

Is It Tested and Regulated?

Yes, the device is manufactured in Taipei and undergoes annual testing and registration as a medical device.

It's tested by the European Notified Body for Medical Devices as a Class 93/42/EEC and is registered with TGA Australian Government Health Registration (ARTG 320144).

What is Postage & Customs Fees?

Snotty Boss ships from Australia. Standard postage is free. Does not include local taxes and customs duty and fees. Please check local authority rules for any charges.

The Snotty Boss Success Story:

Be Prepared for the Next Cold or Flu!

Free Worldwide Shipping

Postage does not include local fees and customs taxes.

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